• Hogeschool van Amsterdam X Acosorb

  • Acosorb boek

    De eerste editie van het Acosorb boek met een grote diversiteit aan show-cases, nationaal en internationaal.

  • BarAnne

    One of the hot spots of the Milano 2018 show was BarAnne. A remarkable design by Space Encounters. Programming of the light by Children of the Light. Sponsored by Acosorb. Captured by Today's Brew.

  • Fransje Gimbrère

    Acosorb, the Dutch specialist in the field of seamless acoustic spraying and plastering, not only wants to lead the way when it comes to quality, sustainability and innovation, but also when it comes to design. All these factors came together in a collaboration with up-and-coming design talent Fransje Gimbrère and the ground-breaking collection of Acoustic Sculptures.

    The Acoustic Sculptures collection was created after designer Fransje Gimbrère contacted Acosorb. Always on the lookout for innovative materials and revolutionary applications, Gimbrère wanted to explore how she could add acoustic functionality to her designs. The results were so enthusiastically received that the collaboration would eventually lead to the ACOSORB x FRANCE GIMBRÈRE Acoustic Sculptures collection, which will be exhibited for the very first time in 'BAR ANNE' during the Salone del Mobile which will take place from 22 to 24 April in Milan. In the run-up to this, Creative Content Agency Today's Brew filmed an inspiring teaser about this special project.

    In that light, the Tilburg-based designer Fransje Gimbrère, who scored very high with her innovative graduation project Standing Textile(s) during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, was a logical choice for Acosorb. The very first collection of Acoustic Sculptures by Acosorb x Fransje Gimbrère will be exhibited for the very first time in Bar Anne during the Salone del Mobile, which will take place in Milan from 17 to 22 April.

    The special collaboration between Acosorb and Fransje Gimbrère also gets an immediate international follow-up now that Acosorb is one of the partners of 'BAR ANNE' during the prestigious Salone del Mobile in Milan. In this stand/bar/experience/expo and breeding ground for creative and curious minds, initiated by Amsterdam's award-winning architectural firm Space Encounters, the most promising young Dutch design talents are given the opportunity to show their work. One of the acoustic sculptures from the ACOSORB X FRANCE GIMBRÈRE collection will occupy a prominent place here. BAR ANNE' is located at Corso di Porta Ticinese 95 in Milan and can be visited during the furniture fair.

    Fransje Gimbrère (1993) graduated in 2017 for her Bachelor of Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Born and raised in the textile city of Tilburg, her graduation project was also dominated by this material, but not in the traditional sense. Her ambition to show textiles in a completely different way led to 'Standing Textile(s)', a remarkable series of very fine furniture made of woven and hardened natural and synthetic textiles, with which she put herself in the spotlight during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

    Objects from the ACOSORB x FRANCE GIMBRÈRE collection are made to order and are fully customised.