Acosorb F: Smooth finish

Smooth acoustic plaster, available in all colours
Acoplaster is a seamless acoustic plaster that Acosorb applies in several layers. In four thicknesses: 3, 24, 32 and 43 mm. Directly on the architectural substrate or on a metal stud battening with a single plasterboard. The product is available in a wide range of textures and in all colours. From spackling to very smooth textures. Acosorb promises the highest acoustic performance without compromising aesthetics.

Improve acoustics with complete freedom of form
Acoplaster is a complete system that fits Acosorb with wide, mobile scaffolds. It is possible to end directly against the wall or a frame. If there is no limit, Acosorb will install an aluminium corner profile. Acoplaster is also suitable for domes, vaults and other double-curved surfaces.

Careful construction of materials: safe and durable
This plaster consists of a mineral wool plate that Acosorb assembles by means of full bonding. We smoothly finish the board material with an acoustic plaster layer. This plaster layer consists mainly of recycled natural cellulose fibres. By mixing this with additives, Acosorb optimises the service life and fire safety.

Clear maintenance advice and a five-year warranty
Acosorb can add moisture-resistant properties to the plaster for easy cleaning with a damp cloth. We also offer clear maintenance advice and support via Acocare. In the event of damage, the plaster can easily be repaired locally. Acosorb offers a five-year warranty on the adhesion and acoustic performance of the material.

  • Seamless multi-layer acoustic spraying
  • The highest acoustic performance and completely form-free
  • Natural, durable and safe composition
  • Easy cleaning and five-year warranty