Acosorb DC1 2.0: smooth finish

Acoustic spray to reduce reverberation
Acospray is a seamless acoustic spray plaster. Acosorb applies the product on every surface in a single phase. In any desired thickness and on walls and ceilings of any size. The product is available in a wide range of colours, from post-cut to coarse-grained.

Improve acoustics and save energy
Optimal acoustics and energy savings go hand in hand. With a thickness of 3.5 cm, sprayed directly onto the substrate, an alpha w = 1.0 is achieved. The thermal insulating property of Acospray prevents energy from leaking to other parts of the building. Savings of 5% to 10% are not uncommon.

Natural, durable and safe sound absorption
This spray plaster consists mainly of recycled natural cellulose fibres. By mixing it with additives, Acosorb optimises the service life and fire safety. Acospray is sprayed on the basis of a water-based polymer. We have limited the use of borates to an absolute minimum, to below the EU standard of 5%. This makes Acospray safe for use by our contractors and customers.

Clear maintenance advice and five-year warranty
The material is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Acosorb also offers clear maintenance advice and support via Acocare.
In the event of damage, the plaster can be easily repaired locally. Acosorb offers a five-year warranty on the adhesion and acoustic performance of Acospray.

  • Seamless, one-stage acoustic spray plaster
  • Optimal acoustics and energy savings of 5-10%
  • Natural, durable and safe composition
  • Easy cleaning and five-year warranty

Details Acospray DC1 2.0 15mm

Details Acospray DC1 2.0 40mm